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Get Started On Your U.S. Taxes

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We walk you through everything. So say goodbye to absentee accountants and lengthy forms.


U.S. expat tax returns are our expertise, and no matter how simple or complicated; we get it done.


We take the utmost care of your personal information, securing it with state-of-the-art technology.

What they say about us

  •  Dean Gonzalez, Costa Rica
    I am an American citizen working in Costa Rica. Elgin Road helped me with both personal and corporate filings while abroad. They helped me thru all the hurdles of understanding how to file as a US citizen while working abroad. Great company and great people.
    Dean Gonzalez, Costa Rica
  • Al Coury, Morrocco
    Highly recommended especially for expatriates tax returns or general info elgin road partners were very efficient and extremely responsive and quick I am very impressed to the depth of knowledge they have on US working abroad . keep up the good work guys thanks.
    Al Coury, Morrocco
  • Gil Saiz, United Kingdom

    Elgin Road are thoroughly professional and have assisted me tremendously in making our yearly Tax preparation and filing relatively straightforward. Living in the United Kingdom for the past 17 years, I have had various advisors, but I can attest that Elgin Road Partners are as knowledgeable as any of them, and provide their expertise at a fraction of the cost(s).

    Elgin Road Partners have also done a fantastic job in making themselves readily accessible. I genuinely feel as if I can call or write to Elgin with any question throughout the year, as opposed to just when the accounts are being prepared. I would certainly recommend Elgin Road

    Gil Saiz, United Kingdom

Our Story

Elgin Road Tax Services was formed in 2015 to provide a convenient and reliable service for all American nationals living abroad, after our founder Assad, a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner (Enrolled Agent), was unable to find such a service for himself to cater to his American expat tax needs.

Assad graduated from Yale University with a BA in Economics, and carries with him over a decade of Financial and Management Consultancy experience gathered over his transnational career on Wall Street, London and now a UK based hedge fund in the UAE.

Using his experience, and with a desire to solve it for millions of Americans worldwide, Assad decided to tackle this problem head on – This was when Elgin Road Tax Services was born.

The vision behind Elgin Road’s service and operations is one that is designed around the customer; to rid them of absentee accountants and lengthy forms, and to simplify the financial lives of all U.S. citizens living overseas.