Our Story

Elgin Road Tax Services was formed in 2015 to provide a convenient and reliable service for all American nationals living abroad, after our founder, Assad, a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner (Enrolled Agent), was unable to find such a service for himself to cater to his American expat tax needs.

Assad graduated from Yale University with a BA in Economics and carries with him over a decade of Financial and Management Consultancy experience gathered over his transnational career on Wall Street, London and now a UK based hedge fund in the UAE.

Using his experience, and with a desire to solve it for millions of Americans worldwide, Assad decided to tackle this problem head-on – This was when Elgin Road Tax Services was born.

The vision behind Elgin Road’s service and operations is one that is designed around the customer; to rid them of absentee accountants and lengthy forms, and to simplify the financial lives of all U.S. citizens living overseas.